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11 inch Skillet without Lid Stainless Steel Dual-Honeycomb Frying Pan,Scratch Resistant,Abrasion-Resistant,Oven & Dishwasher Safe (11 inch Skillet without Lid)

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  • ✅RAISED MESH COOKING SURFACE - When using a frying pan, food can be cooked on the raised stainless steel pixels, while the recessed non-stick coating simplifies the cleaning process. The high-quality PFOA-free coating has 100% scratch resistance and can be safely used on metal equipment. Welcome to the hybrid frying pan with the ultimate cooking surface.
  • ✅HIGH-ENERGY POT BOTTOM WILL NOT TURN BLACK - The finely carved and raised pixel surface of the bottom of the frying pan ensures that you will not worry about the sliding of the frying pan when you are cooking in the kitchen. It is more stable and heated quickly and evenly. It is not only scratch-resistant Wipe, and dishwasher safe, oven safe and easy to clean.
  • ✅RIVET-REINFORCED COLD HANDLE - The sturdy stainless steel rivet handle keeps your hands cool when cooking on the stove. The long handle provides additional support and balance when lifting and tipping. Designed to provide comfort and safety; products undergo rigorous testing.
  • ✅LARGE CAPACTITY SKILLET - 12 inch frying pan can be used for various cooking for 2-4 people, holds a lot of food, the perfect pot for soup, stew and stew on the stove。Suitable for gas stove, induction cooker, ceramic electric stove. It can provide delicious food for the whole family.
  • ✅HIGH PERFORMANCE/EASY TO CLEAN:The stainless steel frying pan is convenient and quick to clean, with less oily smoke, no yellowing, and the double-sided honeycomb inner and outer nets are fully covered, bid farewell to the frying pan yellowing. The 7-layer composite bottom pot has high abrasion resistance and provides super durability for the cookware. The magnetically permeable stainless steel base will not warp before use and a small amount of oil is added to the pot.
  • Product description

    Size:11 inch Skillet without Lid


    We wanted the Stainless Steel Frying Pan to be effective without compromising on quality and an eye for design, its sleek and minimalist design should invite cooks of all levels into the kitchen to create something great while being optimized for ease of use for cooks of all levels.


    Suggested seasoning steps for new frying pan as following:


    Step1: Put 20ML vinegar/ soda & 5ML detergent, around 40 times of water, until boiling and keep for 2 minutes and then pour off.

    Step2: Repeat step 1 and wipe with a dishcloth, rinse with water and wipe dry, apply a layer of vegetable oil to the pan and use it after 5 minutes. 

    Step3: If the frying pan is discolored, add a little vinegar to the discolored area and wipe it clean.



    Stainless steel cookware maintenance instructions:


    Before use (clean first)

    Clean the pot with hot water. Some industrial grease will remain on the pot before leaving the factory. It should be boiled on a low heat for 1-3 minutes before use. Add detergent to clean the pot and dry it. If it feels not clean, please Repeat cleaning again.


    When in use (control heat)

    Avoid using high fire for cooking. Stainless steel cookware has the advantage of fast heat conduction. It does not need to open a larger firepower for cooking, which not only saves gas usage, but also effectively reduces the paste pot and avoids problems such as yellowing of the pot.


    After use (keep dry)

    Please wash and wipe thoroughly after each use to avoid food oily residue in the pot, warm water is better. You can use sponges, scouring pads and special stainless steel cleaners to clean pots. It is not recommended to use steel wool and decontamination powder to clean the pot.can increase the life of the frying pan.