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Free Shipping on orders over $49.99! Free Shipping on orders over $49.99!

Reusable Food Storage Bags Stand Up, 12 Pack Reusable Freezer Bags(BPA FREE), Leakproof Silicone Snack Food Bags with 2Pcs Ziplock Bag Holder (Mixed)

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  • 【REUSABLE AND FOOD-GRADE MATERIALS】: The reusable food storage bag is made of food-grade PEVA material and does not contain BPA. No harm to the environment when discarded or burned. It is absolutely safe and healthy for the family and the earth.
  • 【LEAK-PROOF AND VERTICAL DESIGN】: The vertical reusable food storage bag adopts upgraded self-sealing sealing technology, which is more sealed, leak-proof, waterproof and hygienic, and is very suitable for storing and preserving food. They can protect your food from discoloration and dry spots, and keep the food fresh and delicious.
  • 【ZIPLOCK BAG HOLDER STAND】: There are 2 Ziplock Bag Holders in the package, the height can be adjusted, and the non-slip rubber base can be used hands-free and convenient to fill the bag with food, just like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen.
  • 【THE FREEZER COMPARTMENT IS SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN】: The freezer bag can prevent freezing burns while keeping the food fresh and rich in taste. It is very suitable for freezing meat, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables. Since the dishwasher will damage the double seal of the food storage bag, we recommend hand washing. It is easy to clean with a bottle brush, and place the bag on the top of the Ziplock Bag Holder Stand, mug or cup to air dry.
  • 【MULTIPLE SIZES AND MULTI-PURPOSE】: The reusable food storage bag kit includes 4 reusable gallon bags (11*10.6 inches), 4 reusable lunch bags (8.6 x 7.87*2 inches) and 4 reusable food storage bags, Reusable sandwich bag (8.6 x 5.3 inches) and 2 Ziplock Bag Holder Stands. These bags can store not only cured meats, vegetables, fruits, meal preparations, frozen foods, cereals, biscuits and baby food, but also office supplies, cosmetics, jewelry, cosmetics, stationery, travel accessories, etc.

  • Product Description


    Data Display:


    • Approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste are thrown into the sea each year, and then sink to the bottom of the sea (it may take hundreds of years to decompose). Humans have produced 18.2 trillion pounds (approximately 8.26 billion tons) of plastic, but only less than 9% of plastic Be recycled.



    • On average, American households use as many as 2,000 plastic bags each year. Approximately 1 trillion plastic bags are used globally every year, and an average of 2 million plastic bags are used every minute.



    • Plastic will eventually enter the landfill, where it may take hundreds of years to decompose. If the plastic does not end up in the landfill, it may end up in the ocean, where it may cause pollution and death of marine animals.



    • Seafood lovers may eat 11,000 plastic pellets every year. A large number of toxins eventually enter the human food chain through the bodies of marine organisms and birds.



    • If left unchecked, by 2040, the number of plastic products will triple to nearly 700 million tons.


    In order to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags, we have developed a safe, convenient, green, and reusable PEVA food storage bag that can be recycled after repeated use. We resolutely reduce or even eliminate the use of disposable plastic bags.

    Do our best to save our planet, would you join us?